Thursday, September 17, 2009

Adobe Tools

Adobe Comments are a great way to share comments, feedback, tips, etc. on a document.

To use Adobe Comments:
  • Convert the Word doc to a PDF
  • Open the PDF and go to Tool
  • Advanced Commenting
  • Attach
  • Attach Sound Tool Your mouse pointer will change to a sound icon.
  • Click where you want to insert a comment.
  • Click on the red dot to record. (Make sure your microphone is set up and ready to record.)
  • Click on the black square to stop.
  • Click "okay" and "close"
  • Save the file and send it to anyone!
Adobe Connect is a great way to have online meetings with a shared desktop and webcam. You can share documents and chat with peers, colleagues, etc. Set up a free trial account by going to:

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